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ongaku ga suki

Translates to I like/love music plain and simple.

My goal of this blog: you find something new here to enjoy along with me!

I have always loved music in its many forms and wish to share it with other people, who hopefully have similar tastes to mine. When people ask me what type of music I listen to? It's always been hard to answer. Just because I love music!!! I like anything that sounds good to me though it might not be the same to others. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts.

If I really like a certain song, I try to find many variations of it. Please bear with me on that. For the most part, I will space them out. I will try to post something musical once a day. For the most part, they will all be from youtube and sadly may not be there for long due to many reasons. I personally do NOT own anything I post unless stated. Musical talent in this world is limitless and with the internet, so much talent can be found in a matter of moments. I will delete posts if the original musician requests me to do so.

I welcome suggestions as well please send them to my main tumblr below as I always look for new music....



Portico Quartet - Knee-Deep in the North See

Some nice modern jazz recommended by my friend.